100-Word Review: Snoopzilla And DâM-FunK’s ‘7 Days of Funk’

12.24.13 4 years ago 4 Comments

7 Days Of Funk

It’s hard to gauge Snoop’s level of engagement on his various collaborative side projects, mainly because there’s a certain effortlessness that’s at the very core of his artistry. On 7 Days of Funk, his EP with veteran California producer DâM-FunK, Snoop(zilla this time) seems caught between zoned out and sleepwalking, falling into a hazy singsong on more tracks than not. DâM reciprocates in kind, only fully letting loose with his bright synthesizers on a couple of tracks. Neither a throwback to Snoop’s G-Funk roots or colorfully weird enough, 7 Days falls somewhere perilously close to easy listening.

Standout Songs: “Hit da Pavement,” “Faden Away”

Songs to Skip: “Do My Thang,” “I’ll Be There 4U”

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