Snyder pawn Joe Theismann now promoting ‘Redskins Facts”

08.08.14 3 years ago 32 Comments


Former Redskins quarterback and promotional pawn Joe Theismann is at it again at the behest of Redskins owner Daniel Snyder. You may remember Theismann from such appearances as “Trademark Facts” on Fox & Friends and “Man, there’s just something about Papa John’s” Pizza Hour.

And now that a new (pre)season is upon us, it’s time for Theismann to shill for Redskins owner Daniel Snyder all over again. This time, it’s the “grassroots movement” known as Redskins Fact, the website hell-bent on convincing the world that the team isn’t awful and that the Native Americans of our country are totally cool with the derogatory nickname. During last night’s preseason game between the Redskins and Pats, Theismann was prompted to weigh in on the name and so he delivered quite the eloquent defense of the team name with such a subtle pitch for the Redskins Facts website. Because if there’s a guy we should take advice on cultural sensitivity from, it’s a white guy who played quarterback for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish.

I’ve done a lot of research and looked into it. Certainly, there are people on both sides who feel strongly about it. I know if you wanna take a minute and go to Redskins Facts dot-com, learn more about the name, learn more about the history of the Washington Redskins, and how it came about, it’s a great place to get some facts and understand what’s going on. Through my experience, the places I’ve been, New Mexico and different places like that, I’ve had a lot of Native Americans come up to me and say they would not like to see the name changed. This is my own personal experience with people I’ve had a chance to see and talk to.

Theismann then goes on to mention that later in the preseason, Snyder will join the announcing team in the booth to make his “shut up and let it be” pitch to a regional television audience.

I’m so Redskin, I had my leg snapped in half by LT and now I’ll pitch for any snake oil that Dan Snyder tells me to.

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