So This Exists: Fire Tornado

08.26.10 7 years ago 2 Comments

Below is a nightmare-fueling video of a fire whirl (AKA a fire devil or a fire tornado or a HOLY S***, RUUUN!!!).  This happened in Aracatuba, Brazil and was caused by wizardry uppity women Danny Masterson a warm updraft occurring over a fire, in this case a wildfire during the drought in Brazil.

I guess this shouldn’t be too surprising; after all, shear winds blowing over warm ground is how dust devils form, and what’s warmer than ground with fire on it? In retrospect, actually, I’m surprised this event is as rare as it is! I see dust devils all the time, and heck, they even form on Mars. [BadAstronomy]

Ah, but can these fire whirls form on Mars?  I need to know.  I’m making a list of places I can go to hide from these things, and Earth is right out.

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