So, This Happened.

09.27.10 7 years ago 76 Comments

Many of you made very generous donations to Fight Gone Bad during our annual KSK Kares Kharity Drive earlier this month (and if you would like to donate, you still can by clicking here until October 5th). Due to your bloodthirsty support, I went through the workout with a freshly shaved head, rainbow metallic snakeskin short-shorts, a matching headband, and a camera crew to record it all.

The video editor I’ve hired won’t have all the footage cut and mixed into a nice little video for about a month, but until then, you are welcome to ridicule the photos below the jump. Fellas, be warned: you probably don’t want to see this. Ladies… well, you probably don’t, either. Whatever.

Do you worst.

Note the adjustments I’m making in back. Suzi Fox makes some great short-shorts, but if you do squats in them, they WILL ride up your ass. Here’s another example:

Due to reader concerns about my junk, I wore a jock strap with the shorts. As you can see.

Out of the way, Guy in the White Shirt! We’re trying to photograph side-ass here!

Oh, and here’s me shaving my head.

Hey, anyone need to wash their clothes? Too bad, because that washboard is long gone. I lost that definition by consuming an ocean of beer after the workout.

I should note that these aren’t even the BAD pictures. If you can bump my fundraising total up to $25,000, I’ll post photos of the face I make during rowing. It’s kind of like an angry sex face, but with a rainbow headband. SEXY!

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