Soccer Player Gets Cold-Cocked By Ref, Ref Throws Red Card

10.25.13 4 years ago 8 Comments

I’ll leave it to Ryan J to explain why soccer is such a fantastic game; I’m more of a casual viewer/FIFA player than anything else. But in my years of following the sport, I’ve discerned that referees aren’t *technically* supposed to punch or kick the players over which they govern.

Still, that’s exactly what happened during this Kawaiti match, which saw a player object an in-the-box tackle to the point where our friendly neighborhood referee deemed it necessary to:

1. Knock his ass to the ground with one swift punch
2. Throw a red card after the fact

That has to the be soccer equivalent to getting tossed (literally, thrown) out of a club, and getting an embarrassing Polaroid taken, to be placed on some nefarious “BANNED FROM THE BEST CLUB EVER” board, all just adding insult to injury.

Cred: Guyism

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