Sofia Vergara Is Pretty Much Arnold Schwarzenegger: 5 Things You May Not Know About Her That Prove It

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If you missed the recent news, Sofia Vergara is now attempting to produce more heat than the sun by coupling with Joe Manganiello. It’s simply too much heat “and it’s all going to explode.” Aside from her plans to make society forget that “Brangelina” was ever a thing (I apologize for just typing that. I died a little inside, but it was necessary), today is her 42nd birthday. Yep, this is what 42 looks like now. God help us all.

I admit, before putting this together my knowledge of Sofia Vergara was generally limited to her late night appearances and glancing at her magazine covers — but being careful not to stare for too long — in the supermarket line. Few celebrities have left their home country and climbed the “American dream” ladder as high as she has. She’s basically a female version of Arnold Schwarzenegger only instead of big muscles… *ba dum dum*

Seriously, the woman has more in common with The Governator than you might think. For instance…

Sofia Vergara grew up in a strict Catholic household, just like Arnold Schwarzenegger. “No way!” Yes way. While Arnold’s family was on the lower income side, Vergara’s family was fairly well off and she attended a private bilingual Catholic school in her hometown of Barranquilla, Colombia. Before starting her modeling career she asked for her Catholic school teachers’ blessings that she wouldn’t be damning her soul to eternal torment for wearing a bikini on TV. Which leads us to…

She started her professional career at 17. Again, Sofia Vergara followed in the footsteps of Arney, appearing in a commercial for Pepsi after being discovered by a modeling agent on the beach — cuz that’s how all Colombian models are discovered. Schwarzenegger didn’t land his first commercial frolicking on the beach, but he did begin competing in professional body building competitions at 17, winning Junior Mr. Europe contest in 1965 just a year later. Back to that Pepsi commercial though…

She lost her brother to tragedy. Unfortunately both Vergara and Schwarzenegger have lost a brother due to very tragic circumstances. At the age of 25, Vergara had already left Colombia to get away from the country’s civil unrest and pursue a modeling career in Miami when her older brother Rafael was murdered during an attempted kidnapping in 1998. When Arnold Schwarzenegger was 23 years-old he lost his brother, Meinhard, when he got behind the wheel after a night of drinking.

Vergara has the title of being one of the most influential women in Hollywood. Landing Emmy nominations three years in a row adds a serious boosts to one’s credibility and helped Vergara earn the title of the “most influential Latin woman in Hollywood” by both the Hollywood Reporter and Billboard magazine. As for Tinseltown power on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s end — um, hello, Planet Hollywood restaurant chain!


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Action star? Okay, this one’s a bit of a cop-out, but I had to find some excuse to use the below GIF.


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All that’s left now, is for Sofia to hold political office and star in a sci-fi action series that went sour after the first sequel and the Arnold Schwarzenegger/Sofia Vergara matrix will be complete. Vergara IS filming an action comedy called Don’t Mess with Texas at the same time Terminator: Genesis is also filming in New Orleans, so we’re nearly there.


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