The iPod Shuffle – Soho’s “Hot Music”

01.14.13 5 years ago 8 Comments

Where were you when you first heard “Hot Music?”

Perhaps Wynton Marsalis’s “Skain’s Domain” crossed your ears before Pal Joey put his production to wax. You could’ve heard Joey’s finished product in the club back in the 90’s. Or maybe it happened about a decade later, unknowingly at that, when K-Os released “Superstarr Pt. 0.” The commanding beat might have made you don your sample detective cap: searching high and low for the root to the Canadian MC’s breakout record. Then again your introduction to the song came during the break on Missy Elliot’s “I’m Really Hot.” You don’t have to be a genius to bet the latter route indirectly brought the most ears to Soho’s iconic jam.

Well, whatever beckoned you to the record must’ve stuck since you’re here now, ready to hear it again…and again and so on. Feel free to press play at let your limbs go. Just know we won’t be responsible for any broken items or weird stares after you let the song rip. Have fun!

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