Solar Cells Stop Being So Lazy

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We all know that solar cells generate electricity by absorbing the sun’s light. We see huge ranks of the shiftless little circuits sitting around, just getting a tan, not being as efficient as they could be. Well, bums, the vacation’s over, thanks to some researchers who figured out you could actually be working.

Essentially, solar cells can be made more efficient by having them absorb the heat as well as the light of the sun. And this turns out to be fairly simple to do, as far as constructing complex energy generating devices can be considered “simple”. Simply add a Cold War technology called a thermionic energy converter, used by the likes of NASA, and bam, simple solar cells.

Now get to work, you shiftless bums! Daddy just downloaded “Wolfenstein 3D” and wants to waste some Nazis!

[ via Ars Technica ]

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