Some Christmas GIFs for Your Late Game Open Thread

12.24.11 6 years ago 87 Comments

So, a couple things from the early games: (1) Few things are more entertaining than a stuffy rich white man going for a high-five and coming up empty; (2) Jerome Simpson displayed some remarkable acrobatics while scoring what is likely the touchdown of the year; and (3) Adrian Peterson is out with a severed leg and may never walk again and will die before Christmas morning. You’ll find animated GIFs of all three of those below, though I don’t recommend watching the Peterson injury. Yikes.

Here are the late games:

San Diego @ Detroit ★★★
Philadelphia @ Dallas ★★★★
San Francisco @ Seattle ★★★

Obviously, Philly-Dallas is the premiere hatefest this afternoon, but all four of the teams in the other two games have some kind of stake in the playoff hunt, which lessens the crappiness we’re otherwise used to from Detroit and the NFC West.

Banner image: AP photo via SI; GIFs by SB Nation; reverse view GIF of Peterson injury at 30fps; video of the Simpson TD at Deadspin.

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