Some guy has Seahawks logo in his prosthetic eye. Here are some other options for him.

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How do you surprise your husband for your tenth wedding anniversary? Well traditionally the tenth anniversary is celebrated by exchanging gifts of aluminum, but one Seattle woman decided to throw custom aside and had a special Seattle Seahawks prosthetic eye made for her husband.

Bill Vandenbush lost his eye and his vocal cords in 1969 fighting in Vietnam and has to use an artificial eye ever since. He seems to have a pretty good attitude about not having one eye, telling KIRO in Seattle, “I try to have a good time with it.” He had mentioned to his wife — notable not a Seahawks fan — how he wanted to get a Seahawks eye for his next fitting. Working with Erickson Laboratories in Seattle, she was able to make his wish come true while also winning the award for Most Understanding Football Spouse for the week.

Why settle for just a Seahawks logo eye? Let’s imagine all the possibilities for this energetic 12th Man.

Skittles Eye

Beast Mode Eye, sponsored by Skittles.

Macklemore Eye

Macklemore Eye, sponsored by scarves and Macklemore.

Fish Market Eye

Flying Fish Eye, sponsored by the Pike Place Market.

Decibel Meter Eye

Decibel Meter Eye, sponsored by Halls throat lozenges.

Bosworth Eye

Brian Bosworth Eye, sponsored by VH1’s I LOVE THE ’80S.

12thMan Flag Eye

12th Man Flag Eye, Sponsored by 12 Men

Hines Eye

Hines Ward Eye, Sponsored by Super Bowl XL.

(Okay, maybe this last one is just for me. He did say he had a sense of humor!)

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