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Laura Devon

What’s With All the #Hashtag Songs? [Vulture]

Some Friendly Advice For the Newly Freed Ja Rule [Grantland]

Coolest Gym Routine Of All Time [Life Files]

No Chill: The 10 Most Slanderous Kim Kardashian Struggle Dress Pics [Hip-Hop Wired]

Almost Dosn’t Count: Why Mountain Dew Owes Women An Apology [Clutch]

All The Alison Brie ‘Community’ Season 4 GIFs You Can Handle, Tony Randall [UPROXX]

6 New Google Products More Exciting than Glass [College Humor]

Blake Lively’s Cleavage Also Attended The Met Gala [The Superficial]

Movies that Desperately Need Sequels [Unreality]

15 Famous People Who Used to Teach [Mental Floss]

Mom Channels Vanilla Ice [HuffPost Comedy]

A FilmDrunkard’s Encounter with Gary Busey [Film Drunk]

Timbaland Discard Headphones to Invest in Social Media Company [Singersroom]

10 Things You Never Have to Deal with Again After College [Brobible]

FBI Documents Suggest That Feds Read Your Emails Without a Warrant [Gizmodo]

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