Your Daily Funk – S.O.S. Band’s “Weekend Girl”

11.24.12 5 years ago 3 Comments

Sounds Of Success may have played the background in terms of record sales. Yet, as the old adage dictates, chart performance and enjoyable music don’t always go hand in hand. “Weekend Girl” from Just The Way You Like It is a testament to the aforementioned statement. Legendary production duo Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis hooked the band up properly on the group’s landmark slow jam. Plus, this song is easily one of the best songs in the group’s and tandem’s respective discographies.

“Weekend Girl’s” deep bass line, drums and iconic chords are products of the ’80s much like TSS’s reader base. Yet, if you’re not familiar with the record, check the song out and thank the Internet and the S.O.S. Band for six minutes of audio delight. Just don’t make the mistake of singing along if you can’t hold a tune. The song’s got that kind of hook to it.

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