Soul Khan Feat. Akie Bermiss – “Fahrenheit” Video

10.28.10 7 years ago 2 Comments

This video rocks. I’ve had a strong dislike for clowns ever since one hustled a friend & I outta video game money with a double sided coin when I was eight. At a birthday party no less. So I don’t need any background as to why Khan is being chased by killer clowns in the rain, I was already on his side when I saw them flank him on the bench. The visuals are intense, the music is cinematic & Soul Khan packs as much vengeance in his lyrics as he does wielding a crow bar. My only gripe is that both the video & song weren’t longer.  There is a method to Soul Khan’s madness, because this all leads up to his Brown Bag All-Star: Soul Khan’s Soul Like Khan free album which will be dropping November 16th.

I also spied a pair on Freshwater Griffey’s on one of the clowns, in the rain, which is just another reason to harbor my dislike of clowns into my 30’s.

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