Spray-On Stem Cells Puts Us One Step Closer To Instant Skin

12.06.10 7 years ago

Getting healed in a video game is a snap. Just grab a “first aid kit” or “med pack” and half your life’s back and you’re immediately ready to get back to killing zombie dinosaurs. In real life, however, healing takes time, doctors and hassle…and robot ninjas just aren’t going to wait for months of recovery.

But a new healing stem-cell spray is getting us one step closer to instant healing. The spray, developed by the University of Utah, is undergoing testing with small wounds, but has proven very effecting in speeding up healing times. It uses a mixture of the patent’s own stem cells and platelets, combined with calcium and thrombin, to create a gelatin-like mix. It’s then sprayed on wounds with a long needle.

Apparently, the military has been very interested in the process, for some strange reason. And according to researcher and Cardiothoracic surgeon Amit Patel, this process is just the first step towards other advancements. As he said, “Regrowing your own skin in a bioreactor is very realistic and that’s not five years away even. We start with a biological band aid and hope to end up with basically synthetic skin that’s still derived from your own cells.”

Video about the treatment after the jump:

Video Courtesy of KSL.com

Video Courtesy of KSL.com

[KSL, Endgadget]

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