Five Star Wars Themed Commercials That Won’t Air In The U.S.

11.11.11 6 years ago

When I saved the .gif above, I never thought I would have a chance to use it in a way that is completely on topic. That fateful day has arrived, thanks to an ad campaign in England. For the second year in a row, Currys PCWorld (one of the biggest electronics chains in the UK) is running a set of Star Wars themed ads for the holidays. I can’t wait to do all my Festivus shopping there (right before the airing of grievances).
All five new adverts are after the break. I suppose some would accuse these ads of being too cheesy or overly commercial, but this is a George Lucas property we’re talking about. How could they not be? So if you feel violated by these ads, we have only one thing to say:
It’ll be okay. You’re safe now.
[Sources: Justin Rampage, Happy Toast, Boing Boing]

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