Star Wars Deleted Scene, Sans Mark Hamill

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A deleted scene from Return of the Jedi has surfaced. Unfortunately, the scene doesn’t include Vader raking the lawn or Chew-Bach-a rocking the piano.  Nope.  It’s just footage of Luke Skywalker in a cave in Tatooine, building and activating a lightsaber for the first time, becoming a Jedi Knight.  Oh, is that all?

According to a video interview below that Original Prop Blog did at last year’s Comic-Con, Mark Hamill, who played Luke Skywalker in the original Star Wars trilogy, remembers shooting no such scene. Hamill does go on to say that it doesn’t mean the clip wasn’t shot for Return Of The Jedi, after all, he wasn’t in the scene where Luke’s hand is being repaired either. So, there’s a chance that it’s not Mark Hamill in this newly revealed lightsaber scene. [GeeksofDoom]

Although filmed with a stand in rather than Mark Hamill, George Lucas has confirmed that the scene is real and will be added back into the film for the Star Wars box set that will be releasing on Blu-ray (finally) this fall.  Both the deleted scene and the Hamill interview are below, until they get inevitably pulled.  And I promise I wasn’t the one screaming YEEEAAAAAAH when the footage rolled.  Well, not screaming it during the original recording, anyway.

If the video above gets pulled, it may still be available at GawkerTV.

[Pictures via JuliaSegal and Reddit; videos via TheDailyWhat and Blastr]

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