Starlito + Don Trip – “Paper, Rock, Scissors” Video

10.15.13 4 years ago 2 Comments

starlito don trip video

“Keep askin’ me like e’eryday, ‘What’s up with that Stepbrothers?’, They either respect it or love it, now we do it for the check of it”

First rise and give the honor to God, who’s the head of my life. I don’t have much to say, except that I’m glad that Stepbrothers 2 made it to retail. I was definitely one of those people asking when we would get the follow-up to Craig and Craig’s 2010 sleeper that blew many a project out of the water.

The difference here is the first one was a freebie, now we have to pay for it, which is cool given the quantity of free material Lito alone has dropped plus the first two videos – “Caesar & Brutus” and the director’s cut for “Leash On Life” – were some cinematic shit. I consider the option to pay as a form of rap tithes that have to taken care of. The visual for “Paper, Rock, Scissors” strays from the serious nature of the previous vids, opting instead to show the two Tennessee MCs suited up but still clowning, bouncing off each others flows in a way we haven’t seen since Red and Meth tag-teamed on records.

The full album is streaming on NPR, so people can try before they buy on iTunes.

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