Starlito Feat. Young Dolph – “Gone” Video

02.18.12 6 years ago 3 Comments

“Felony charges, but capital made it a lower case.”

After all the years, there are only so many ways to touch on the same topics and even few options for a handful of Hip-Hop’s most dog-earred topics. But enter Starlito and his quotable-filled record “Gone” to swiftly brush those notions aside. The man’s been doing it for years, but if the wordplay here (“My old b*tch f*ck me, but we fight first/I mean argue, we exchange harsh words/And then it’s make up sex, she make Star burst.”) isn’t making you mutter under your breath periodically, then, my friend, you are indeed very difficult to impress.

Prep your best wincing face before hitting play.

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