Starlito – “For My Foes: The Musical” Video

Managing Hip-Hop Editor
01.08.12 9 Comments

After writing about an artist for a while, doubt starts to creep in that make you wonder “Are people getting how good this guy is?” We’ve covered Starlito since forever, all the way back to when he was recording under All Star exclusively. His career and music have ebbed and flowed and right now both appear to be back at their peak. And after watching “For My Foes: The Musical,” I can make three statements with complete confidence.

1. The “Musical” is worth almost every second of the whole 23:28. The clip’s composed of clowning, massive crowd reactions at concerts, cruising cars and money counting offset by a scene dedicated to his self-proclaimed OCD with cleanliness.

2. He makes rapping seem so effortless and his rhymes are so catchy that if this one doesn’t woo you, I’m not sure what will. Creatively, dude is on his A-game right now and the momentum isn’t slowing at all. Therefore, Star posts will continue to be published here faithfully.

3. Remember how 2 Chainz was a member of Playaz Circle and saw his career left stranded by L.A. Reid yet he survived and managed to work his way back to being in demand last year? I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw a similar success story for Lito in 2012.

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