Starlito’s “Reasonable Emotion” Mini-Movie Is Already One Of 2013’s Best Videos

06.18.13 4 years ago 8 Comments


A good 95% of videos over 15 minutes in length aren’t worth the time. Starlito’s “Reasonable Emotion” is a part of that opposite 5%.

Lito’s no stranger to Hip-Hop musicals (see: ‘For My Foes’ from last January). Over the course of 19 minutes, the man formerly known as All Star uses a plethora of gut-wrenching tunes to help piece together scenes directed by Charles M. Robinson.

Keeping it 100, Lito’s music has served as the soundtrack of my life on more than one occasion. Hell, more than five or 10. Seeing the words of “Post Traumatic Stress” brought to life in the scope of the video reignite a certain period in life I had no interest in bringing to the surface again. Or how “Mental Warfare” was the single most spun track in my car when stress got to be nearly too much dealing with hurdles from a professional and personal personal standpoint.

starlito reasonable emotion video_lead

That’s the thing about music that sticks to the soul however; it caters to life, telling us what we need to hear more than what we want. For the credit artists like Kanye, Drake, Phonte, K.R.I.T. and more receive for placing their lives and vulnerabilities on front street, Lito’s in said class for his tendency to successfully pull off the same.

The acting isn’t exactly textbook material on how to get to Broadway. Yet, everything, everyone – like Robin Raynelle and Stepbrother Don Trip who both lend important, supporting roles – and every pitfall was believable because situations similar to Star’s are as constant as the rising of the sun. Claiming Lito has “next up” is a wish which as long since worn out its luster. Either the masses will recognize or they won’t. It’s their loss if they choose not to. Lito fans know. Lito fans recognize.

Buddy’s one of the best in the business, excluding nobody.

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