Steelers-Bengals MNF Live Blog, First Half

09.16.13 4 years ago 846 Comments

Celebrated insane person James Harrison did the Sunday Conversation interview with Jon Gruden, during which Deebo got all misty eyed about how much he misses playing for ancient Steelers defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau. You know who doesn’t miss LeBeau? Bengals fans. Nevertheless I’m sure they will still take great delight when Harrison decapitates Ben Roethlisberger then offers his skull as tribute to his former coach.

After fumbling twice in Week 1 and what seems like 80 times over his last six starts, Isaac Redman gets the nod in the backfield for the Steelers. At least until he coughs it up a few more times and Mike Tomlin is forced to substitute… Jonathan Dwyer? Felix Jones? Jesus. Hope you enjoy watching the Steelers because they’re in the Sunday night game next week, too.

The Bengals dropped their opener in Chicago after blowing an 11-point lead in the second half. Per usual, it was A.J. Green beasting on everyone and not much else from their offense. Cincy’s defensive front should be able to exploit the Steelers’ porous and battered offensive line, provided Rey Maualuga doesn’t bail Pittsburgh out with too many stupid penalties.

Collectively, the AFC North has only one win in 2013 and that one victory only exists because the Browns and Ravens played each other Sunday in a game that was just as horrid as the 14-6 final would indicate. Therefore the winner this evening joins Baltimore atop a division that has no non-cannibalizing wins. It would be remarkable if a team could win a division that had no wins outside the division. The best the champ could finish is 6-10, which is still only one game worse than the 2010 NFC West champion Seahawks.

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