Steelers-Titans Live Blog, Second Half

10.11.12 5 years ago 652 Comments

The game is reasonably derpy, with a team taking a sack from 1st and goal from the 1-yard line, another having a punt blocked to swing the lead and a whole lot of terrible pass coverage. But there’s been a good amount of scoring and people like points. Take what you can get. Ike Taylor came into the game already leading the NFL in pass interference penalties. He appears fixed on putting some distance between himself and the runner-up.

Pittsburgh lost All-Hype Glory Team center Maurkice Pouncey in the first quarter, followed soon thereafter by Marcus Gilbert. Those are probably the two best members of an already shaky line, so you can only imagine the Ben sacks to come. Bubble screens are being called at a Bruce Arians rate to counteract the pass rush being applied by Tennessee.

So, after putting together an extended drive on their first possession and hitting Mike Wallace on an 82-yard bomb the next, the Steelers are looking pretty flat-footed on offense. Tennessee has had enough receiver drops not to look much better as the half approaches, but after an early spree of points, the scoring appears to be slowing. While the Titans are sure to be happy to sit on a lead, that does mean fewer chances for them to vulture Chris Johnson out of touchdowns.

As Nessler noted, the Titans punt block was the eighth of this NFL season, whereas there were nine through all of 2011. No way Peter King doesn’t think that’s WEIRD.

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