Stepbrothers (Starlito & Don Trip) – “Life” Video

07.16.11 6 years ago 10 Comments

Hip-Hop’s Dale and Brennan keep the momentum building from yesterday’s marathon session with the liberation of their “Life” video. If music is therapy, then this particular track is the couch in the shrink’s office. Lil Lody’s somber instrumental is a perfect platform for Trip and ‘Lito to wax frustrations from everything to having old friends turn snitches to the constant threat of catching a case and trading all these songs for three hots and a cot. Here’s to hoping that doesn’t happen because the music these two are creating at the current moment has me thinking this may not need to be a one project type of deal. Rather, the duo could actually be on to something here.

I’ll stop while I’m ahead and come back to this suggestion once Stepbrothers has had a chance to be processed. They’re off to a damn good start though.

Respect: TNT

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