‘It’s An iPhone Michael. A Smartphone Is Something A Nerd Uses To Call His Mom.’

11.08.11 6 years ago

I’m having a tough time getting my head around the pronunciation of “Steve GOBs” (do I pronounce it “Steve Jobs,” leaving the spelling as the sole distinction OR do I pronounce the last name the same way as the first name of Will Arnett’s character and run the risk of losing the effectiveness of the wordplay?) but I’m all for the concept of this brand new Tumblr. There are roughly one million things I love about GOB Bluth and his business acumen certainly makes the list, so superimposing GOB’s head in Steve Jobs presentation photos and captioning them with Apple-related GOB-isms had me at “$4,000 Suit.”
I haven’t read the Steve Jobs biography yet so I’m unclear on his taste in comedy but I’d like to think he was an AD fan and would applaud these, even if he would have taken issue with the productivity. Only six entries in eight days? COME ON!
Steve GOBs

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