Stevie Wonder’s “What Christmas Means To Me” Remains Top-Tier For Holiday Songs

12.24.12 5 years ago 2 Comments

What does Christmas really mean anyway? Well, for most people these days it’s another rush to get gifts for people you may or may not actually like. Then, if the ungrateful wad doesn’t like the gift you selected, you’re stuck with some post-holiday awkwardness which can be made worse in an itchy, tacky Christmas themed sweater.

Christmas doesn’t sound like a fun time under those circumstances. Yet it doesn’t have to be so crummy; not when Stevie Wonder’s classic holiday jam “What Christmas Means To Me” defines the season in a more positive light. Last year the LSN-Coalition’s Secretary of State J. Tinsley said his piece on Donnie Hathaway’s “This Christmas.” Now it’s time to extend gratitude for one of the season’s few, great masterpieces. Yes, I’m one of those people who usually doesn’t like Christmas songs but this isn’t about me.

Anyway, the song’s great rhythm, powerful horns, Stevie’s voice and signature harmonica ought to get you in the spirit or at least a good mood. Its quality also makes me wonder why most yuletide chart toppers usually sound so corny but hey, everyone can’t rock like young Steveland. Keep this funky carol close to your media player of choice whether your stuck in holiday traffic, good off that egg nog or bracing for a visit from the in-laws. The song simply makes the downs on the season more tolerable and the upsides even better.

This is the part where heads usually wish you “Happy Holidays” and all that. Seriously though, have a good one and if you don’t celebrate at least stay safe and appreciate this Motown staple. After all, “What Christmas Means To Me” is a good song before it’s a Christmas song. The time of the year puts it back in rotation for most. Anyone who can’t appreciate the record in the summer’s sweltering heat or fall’s cool breeze lacks heart and soul among other things.

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