“Still Standing” – The Goodie Mob Reunion

08.21.08 9 years ago 28 Comments

Mo’G spoke on it first before this footage surfaced.

In our current state of affairs, not only as a Hip-Hop nation but a nation of millions, the “I” often overtakes the “we.” At this point, it almost seems to be more natural to think of self instead of community and it’s reflected in our music’s lyrics – filled with bragging & boasting of material accumulation mixed with self-preservation.

But seeing these dudes together, Killer Mike & Big Boi gettin back on good terms…doesn’t it seem like Atlanta’s first rap family is poised to do things together again? When no one was paying attention, one of the strengths the South had & aided in its rise is that their was a communal spirit, a “brotherhood” (that included sisters too). It’s that same party, “we all in this together” vibe on which Hip-Hop grew some of its roots.

Really, I’m just glad these brothers from the DF/ON collective wormed it out.

Here’s a little bonus Shot, courtesy of Suave.

Goodie Mob 88.5 in 1995 (Unreleased)

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