The Internet Supposedly Found Audio Of That Styles P “Rock The Boat/Rocawear Coat” Line Allegedly Aimed At Aaliyah

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Like the mafia, Hip-Hop is chock-full of its fair share of urban legends. Did Tupac really sleep with Faith Evans after being released from prison in 1995? Did Ghostface break Ma$e’s jaw? How about Master P and goons kidnapping Pimp C? The point being, in a genre full of tough guys, entourages and egos, urban myths happen more often than one might imagine.

One of the grandest of them all, however, is Styles P’s alleged Aaliyah diss following her death in 2001. Pac/B.I.G. and Jay/Nas are normally the first two beefs most fans think of when the topic of rap battles arise. True rap heads recognize, realize and appreciate, though, the State Property/D-Block battle from the early 2000s was about as authentic as it ever got in rap’s young, yet storied history. Both sides tossed haymakers, many of which connected in extremely disrespectful fashion.

Since what seems like the AOL 6.0 days, rap message boards and barbershops have for well over a decade championed the legitimacy of Styles P’s “Rock the boat, rock the boat/ One less b*tch in a Rocawear coat” shot. And all these years, yours truly called it a pipe dream.

Until now. Leave it to Al Gore’s world wide web to finally stop lying on its dick.

A kind soul uploaded the audio of a live performance apparently sometime in 2001, 2002. The actual footage is horrific quality, but beggars have never made off admirably resembling choosers. Fast forward to the :50 mark for the start of Holiday’s verse and around 1:23 for the “rock the boat” reference. He definitely says the line, but note also mentions the lyric isn’t about Aaliyah directly after. Because of course it wasn’t.*

Styles P’s new album, Phantom And The Ghost, drops in two weeks (April 29). So, yeah, expect him to have a few questions tossed his way about this once mythical recording in the very near future.

* – Worth noting, it appears as if Styles says “another dead b*tch” instead of the purported “one less dead b*tch,” which can be taken several different ways.

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