Summer Madness: Meka Of 2DopeBoyz

06.24.11 6 years ago 6 Comments

Many times, people ask me if competition exists between TSS and other sites. On the contrary, I often view cats like eskay, our OnSmash brethren, YN and 2DopeBoyz as our PNCs in the new music frontier. Specifically, Shake & Meka have continuously shown us love and we aim to always show it right back since the respect is mutual. So, to round out our Summer Madness entries, I’m happy to share Meka’s five picks for the upcoming months.

1. Women In Significantly Less Clothing –- After trading in the yearlong above average temperatures of the Pacific for the chaotic and bipolar temperament of the Atlantic nearly two years ago, I’ve come to realize one thing: the East Coast’s weather system is full retard, Simple Jack-style. Much how I’ve grown to appreciate the curve-accentuating simplicity of leggings in the winter, I equally respect the sartorial elegance of billowy sundresses, the business-meets-party aesthetic of the romper and, of course, coochie cutting poom-poom shorts.

2. Buns, Beer & Backpacks: A (2)Dope BBQ –- During one lazy June afternoon last year, Shake and I contemplated throwing a follow-up to Dallas Penn and Combat Jack’s epic BYOBBQ of 2009. That idea eventually blossomed into a charity event where every attendee had to donate at least $10 worth of school supplies for an organization benefiting Haitian schoolchildren. The entire thing turned out to be an overwhelming success, and the dopehouse is currently in the process of doing it again, this time in both New York and Los Angeles. It’s easy to throw a party gloating about your success; it’s another thing to have something with an actual meaning. [Link]

3. A Return Visit To Los Angeles -– I haven’t been out West in the summer since I relocated to New York, so I’m actually quite anxious to be back in my former stomping grounds in July. However, I’m eagerly anticipating ruining my already questionable diet with In-N-Out burgers and shakes, my mother drawing misguided tattoo comparisons between myself and Los Angeles Lakers bench cupcake Matt Barnes and philosophizing about half-wit politicians, overly sensitive rappers and General Hospital with my cousin. I can do without the whole “everything shuts down at two in the morning” thing, however.

4. Seeing My Future Grow Up In Front of My Eyes -– Speaking of family, I became an uncle for the first time earlier this year when my sister gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Now, alongside my cousin and his niece, the grumpy old man in me can’t wait to properly school her on Jordan sneakers, learning how to walk and steering clear of the pole as a career choice as she continues to grow. [Link]

5. Channeling My Inner Stereotype, All In The Name Of Summer – Summertime is perhaps the only time where it’s completely acceptable to consume watermelon, chicken and beer in public, dance maniacally to the most brilliantly ignorant music with a side of ratchet and, most importantly, remember that life is much too short to be serious all of the time. I may be aging with each rising sun, but the childlike innocence of the next few months will never get old.

You already know where to find Meka, but just in case, here’s his two major hangouts: 2DopeBoyz & Twitter, @MekDot

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