DJ JayCeeOh Presents Super 7 Volume 1

11.23.08 9 years ago 10 Comments

The homie Steve1der dropped this in the inbox the other day & since we obviously have shown support to him, Benzi & I often give a few DJ Eleven mixes burn on my personal time, it was nothing to even think about passing this one along.

Super 7 is an intense mixtape experience, combining the talent of seven of the best mixtape DJ’s in the game onto one CD. The tape was brought together by DJ Jayceeoh (NYC, The Masters) and features sets from Steve1der (L.A) , B.Cause (S.F. 4OneFunk), Morse Code (L.A. Deckstar), Platurn (Oakland Faders), Benzi (MICH), and DJ Eleven (NYC, The RUB). Each DJ contributed a 10 minute mega-mix of straight heat including original remixes, mash-ups, edits, and existing material. With the vast knowledge of music and individual styles of each DJ this mix is a must have for your collection.This is the first of the SUPER 7 series. Volume 2 will drop early 09′ with a whole new line up of DJ’s featured. The caliber of DJ’s involved in this series is top notch, download this and keep on eye out for the next SUPER 7 release.

Seven energetic DJ’s that know how to rock a crowd (or iPod earbuds) with seven ten minute mixes. Quite ingenious in a way.

DJ Jayceeoh Presents Super 7 Volume 1

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