Super Bowl, Here We Come

02.01.11 7 years ago 42 Comments

Four years ago, I went down to Miami for Super Bowl week. It was a pretty good time, so I went to Phoenix the next year. Phoenix blew goats, and I decided that I would never join the Super Bowl media cavalcade again unless the Seahawks somehow won the NFC Championship again. Which is to say: never. I was never going to the Super Bowl media fustercluck ever again.

Or until 2011. Yes, thanks to our friends at Yardbarker and Captain Morgan, I’ll be pervin’ around radio row later this week and hanging out at parties that feature a combination of fantastically attractive people (athletes, models, women hoping to ensnare athletes) and schlubby sports journalists. I will take pictures and share them here whenever possible, assuming that I can find my camera battery charger between now and tomorrow morning. And also assuming that snow in New York doesn’t cancel my flight.

As part of the deal, I’ll also be working on some Super Bowl-themed videos with Captain Morgan and (supposedly) Marisa Miller (*cough* REALREASONI’MGOING *cough cough*), so those may very well end up getting posted here. In the meantime, we hope that you enjoy what little slices of ephemeral non-information I can provide from Dallas. Thanks, and I look forward to your cruel comments about my ghostly winter pallor.

(Also, Captain Morgan will be tweeting from @WithLeather with the hashtag #CaptMorgSB. So, you know, follow it if you aren’t already.)

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