Super Bowl Recipe Month Kickoff! Steak Sandwiches With Gorgonzola Sauce, Salt & Pepper Biscuit Bites and a Giant Cherry Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie

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Every season, I give the same speech to kickoff Super Bowl month, much like I give the same speech to kickoff the Football Foodie season in August. Why the same speech? Why do teams still listen to “Eye of the Tiger” thirty years later? Why do people still talk about Vince Lombardi’s Super Bowl II speech? Or quote Bear Bryant? Tradition. Because it fits. Because none one remembers that after Tom Landry said, “A winner never stops trying” he said, “to get the the front of the deli line.”

So with a few edits, this is this year’s Football Foodie Super Bowl snack speech.

Did you honestly think you could prepare for the Super Bowl in just a couple of days? Did you say to yourself, “Well, I guess since New Orleans is hosting the Super Bowl I could just use this old Hurricane mix I had laying around the house.” Or even, “But I need to get my Pro Bowl party out of the way first! And the Senior Bowl! I cannot even begin to think about my Super Bowl party until next week.”

WELL SUCK IT UP BECAUSE THIS IS THE LAST TIME YOU CAN EAT LIKE A PIG UNTIL NEXT SEPTEMBER. You either start planning and cooking now or you will be stuck fighting some I-don’t-care-football-but-maybe-I-will-get-laid-if-I-get-out-of-the-house douchecake in an American Apparel hoodie over the last bag of Cool Ranch Doritos at the Silver Lake Vons next Saturday.

“But Sarah, I was going to make a giant muffaletta or a pot of gumbo for my Super Bowl party. That should feed everyone.” Great. What do you feed everyone for the remaining five hours of your party?  If your main course is the game, then what is your halftime show? What are your funny commercials that require you to share 3D glasses with six of your friends and sixty of their filthy 3D thumbprints? Are you ready for people to start rooting through your drawers looking for more snacks? You need to have many, many, supporting dishes for the Super Bowl. For every Matty Ice, there are several lineman there to block for him, and for every Peyton Manning dive to the ground, there are several lineman to throw under the bus for not blocking for him! This is a team sport and your Super Bowl spread needs to reflect that just one or two dishes do not make a buffet.

Are you willing to go to a Super Bowl party and run the risk of them not having enough snacks? And no, showing up with a six-pack of beer is not enough.  That’s about a bottle a beer an hour JUST FOR YOURSELF, so no, you did not bring anything to share.  So you will sack up and make at least one item to bring to the party. You are a grown-up who can bring at least a covered dish to your friend’s house.

In years past I’ve spread out the recipes over a month for the 28 Days of Super Bowl Recipes (or as my pal Smokey calls it, the “football snack advent calendar”), but since the Football Foodie has moved to a new home and I don’t want to wear out our welcome, this year it’s the Month of Super Bowl Recipes, with posts on Wednesday and Friday for your game planning needs.

This year’s snack line-up is a good mix of mains, small bites and sides. Dishes that can be made in advance, cooked the day-of or even tossed together minutes before of the game. Snacks that you’ll love almost as much as the playoffs.


Super Bowl Recipe Month! Skirt Steak Sandwiches With Caramelized Onions And Gorgonzola Sauce, Salt & Pepper Biscuit Bites and a Giant Cherry Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie.

To the recipes!

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