Super Bowl Sunday Is Here

02.02.14 4 years ago 183 Comments


Welcome, friends. At long last, we have a Super Bowl Sunday. Now all that remains is passing the next eight plus hours until kickoff. I woke up at 9 a.m. ET and the NFL Network pregame show was already on. That’s good time-wasting hustle. I won’t watch all of it, but I will watch more than I should, because after today, it’s seven months until meaningful football. Gonna be painful when that really starts to sink in next weekend. Also, the stupid groundhod saw its shadow, so I guess the polar vortex gets to eat the first born in every household.

As for today, we’ll have posts going up all day leading up to kickoff, when KSK will have its Super Bowl live blog with bonus Puppy Bowl halftime live blog! We live blogged every prime time game this season. Fair to say, you owe it to us to hang around. Actually, you don’t owe us shit, but we’ll have you all the same.

Ever since the site of Super Bowl XLVIII was announced four years ago, there’s been almost uninterrupted whining by NFL reporters about the weather catastrophes that might occur at such a location in February. Oh dear, there might have been snow! Think of the slightly uncomfortable millionaires! Instead, it’s forecast to be in the 40s and overcast at kickoff, about as good as could have been expected. It’s at once rewarding that their complaining was for naught but also kind of sad that some of those reporters won’t have to suffer in the frigid conditions that they openly dreaded/concern trolled about for years.

If you’re hanging with us, however, weather is of little concern, only the quality of the jokes and the food. KSK has already provided you with enough chili recipes to keep you in chili until the next Super Bowl. Now we hope to keep you entertained until we realize football is over. We’ll need someone to talk us off the ledge.

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