Super Bowl XLVII Is Over: We Never Have To Hear The Following Again

02.04.13 5 years ago 36 Comments

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I’ll miss football, you’ll miss football, but there are some things we will not miss hearing about as we settle into lean days of the regional combines, the combine-combine, more regional combines, free agency, the draft, the annual meeting, the other annual league meeting, 2013-2014 schedule release, OTAs and training camp. Wait, when it isn’t it football season again?

Right. It’s always football season, but when the Lombardi Trophy changes hands from one team to the next, it’s time to put to bed a bunch of stories we’ve grown tired of over the past couple of weeks. Most of them have little to do with the actual games, which is why we get sick of them in the first place.

Ray Lewis’ first sack was on Jim Harbaugh.
Kaepernick’s tattoos being an inspiration to San Quentin inmates.
Beyonce and lip-syncing.
Destiny’s Child re-union. (Why is this a thing? Weren’t they just together a few years ago? Nostaligia for 2006 is unhealthy.)
The Illuminati handsignal.
Members of the media asking what storylines you are sick of.
How awesome the food in New Orleans is and no matter what you are currently eating, it’s dog food compared to what someone in New Orleans is consuming at that very second.
Culliver on”sweetness” and conversations with Artie Lange, (a serious homophobe himself if you recall his Stern days).
Antler spray.
Over/under on the national anthem. (We can dream.)
The Harbaughs are related.
New Orleans is back! Wait, no, still rebuilding, but New Orleans is back!
Randy Moss winning a Super Bowl ring.
Replacement refs.
KFC Bucket Go Boom Girl.
Seeing the game called the “Superbowl” hundreds of times a day.

Via Instagram

At least they spelled the name of the game right.

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