Super Tuesday: Still Gay

02.05.08 10 years ago 36 Comments

Guy: Hey. You gonna VOTE today?

Man: But I’m a registered independent.

Guy: And I’m a resident of a politically insignificant state.

Felon: And I’m a felon!

Man: Think Obama will win?

Guy: He’s gonna get shot if he does.

Felon: I’m going to shoot him!

Guy: It kinda bugs me that the media covers sports with more depth than it does politics.

Man: I miss sports.

Guy: Wanna go to a Super Tuesday party?

Man: Wanna get punched in the dick?

Guy: What if it comes down to Clinton and Romney? Then it’s Massachusetts versus New York all over again. Every late season Red Sox and Yankees game will be filled with an even more bloated sense of false import.

Man: 9/11 versus Aqua Teen Hunger Force Bombing.

Guy: Gays vs. better dressed gays.

Man: Billary vs. Mittens.

Guy: It’ll probably be McCain.

Man: The Marty Schottenheimer of presidential candidates.

Guy: If Marty were a POW.

Man: He was too busy serving in the SS.

Man: Do we have to do this again in November?

Felon: I’ll be dead by then.

Guy: Lucky you.

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