Superheroes And Supervillains In History

04.25.11 6 years ago

Completely accurate: Yalta Conference, February 1945

Indonesian photographer, illustrator, and photoshopper Agan Harahap usually works for a music magazine called Trax Magz, but recently he applied his photoshopping skills to a side project that’s right up our alley. (Sidenote: why do people keep putting things up our alley? Is it because I put up a neon sign saying, “Welcome, sailors”?)
Harahap took important photos from history and added superheroes and supervillains.  It’s a simple concept, and not the first time photoshopping like this has been done, yet the final result is uniquely awesome, even if it does put some of these characters on the wrong side. Captain America didn’t hang out with Himmler, but I’ll overlook that.  Twelve more examples after the jump.  And away we . . . go.

Cherbourg-Normandy, 1944

Greenham Airfield, June 5, 1944

Neuschwanstein 1945

Afghan, 1986

Curtis Bay, 1943

MATS Terminal Washington 1959

Captivity of German Soldiers, 25 April 1945

Taret de Ravenoville, June 1944

External post defense on the hotel roof. Moscow, 1941

A Camp Near Minsk 1941

Japan, November 1928

There’s one additional photo (NSFW due to dead bodies) at Harahap’s flickr.

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