Supposedly Marshawn Lynch surrounds his Lambo with velvet ropes

07.22.14 3 years ago 60 Comments

Thanks to some poking from SBNation’s Seahawks blogger Danny Kelly, we have this shot of what is allegedly Marshawn Lynch’s Lamborghini on an Oakland street while Beast Mode is off shooting a film somewhere in the East Bay. Do we have proof that it’s his car other than some guy’s word off of Twitter? Pictures of at least one or two teamsters putting up the stanchions? Maybe a couple of guys getting really high playing GTA:IV and earning the “Past the Velvet Rope” achievement?

No, but we’re running with the story anyway because it’s still sort of a slow morning and it’s a funny picture even if it isn’t Marshawn Lynch’s car.

(H/T Twitter user Chuck Brenzia via SBNation via BleacherReport)

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