Surfing Crocodiles? Surfing Crocodiles.

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Ecologists at the University of Queensland have discovered perhaps the only thing that can victoriously battle the invisible sharks: crocodiles who surf.  They tagged 27 adult crocs in Australia with sonar transmitters and tracked them for a year to discover how salt-water crocodiles were able to travel long distances while being little-armed, lousy swimmers (please don’t tell them I called them that).

“Many anecdotal accounts exist of large crocodiles being sighted far out to sea, [Ed.- AHHHHH!!!] but this is the first study to show – using underwater acoustic tags and satellite tracking – that estuarine crocodiles ride surface currents during long distance travel, which would enable them to travel between one oceanic island and another.” [

The salt-water crocs, who can survive long periods without food or water, were observed leaving for long trips within an hour of the tide changing in their favor and stopping to rest when the tide turned.  This enabled them to surf ocean currents between South Pacific islands, explaining why there’s so little crocodile species diversity in the South Pacific; crocs be all island hopping and humping everything in sight, including tourists (especially tourists).

One tagged crocodile traveled 590 km (over 350 miles) in 25 days, and another traveled 411 km (over 250 miles) in 20 days.  Only one thing is certain: none of them are named Charlie.

UPDATE: I can’t believe I nearly missed an opportunity to post Ace Rimmer fighting nazis and skysurfing on a crocodile:

[Pictures via icanhascheezeburger]

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