Surprise! PETA Didn’t Like Joe Namath’s Fur Coat

02.06.14 4 years ago 61 Comments


Shocking news you’ll never believe: PETA released a statement expressing outrage over the $3,000 fur coat that Joe Namath wore during the coin flip at the Super Bowl, calling it a “caveperson coat”. Nice job not being gender specific. Cave feminists appreciate that.

The real embarrassment on Sunday was Joe Namath’s caveperson coat. No matter what he spent on that eyesore, the animals who were trapped, bludgeoned, electrocuted, or skinned alive for their fur paid a lot more—the ultimate price, in fact—and viewers across the country agree that it was too high a price, as demonstrated by the outpouring of anti-fur messages that hit Twitter the second that Namath’s coat hit the screen. PETA is asking Joe, who swore off fur when his wolf-skin bedspread horrified his fans decades ago, to donate the coat so that we can give it a proper burial.

If PETA wants to have a coat funeral, that’s fine. And it’s hard to argue against the position that fur is murder. Still, KSK is of the opinion that the Patron Saint is granted special dispensation, especially on the occasion of a New York Super Bowl. At least no one doused him with red paint.

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