SyFy Movie to be Fan-scripted

06.23.10 7 years ago 2 Comments

SyFy is launching a site this Friday to get ideas for a SyFy Original Movie to be released in 2011.  This isn’t the first time SyFy has asked B movie fans for suggestions.  Director Karen O’Hara previously asked her Twitter followers what stunts they’d like to see Sharktopus perform, and SyFy ran a contest to name one of their movies (none of our suggestions won, the outrage).  Speaking of asking for suggestions, if any of you intrepid readers would like to do my job for free, have at it.

The network is launching a production site, B Movie Mogul, where fans can vote and pitch ideas for the film, from title, creatures, wardrobe, dialogue and character deaths to promotional taglines.  The resulting “script” will be shot as a two-hour Syfy original movie to be released next year. [THR via io9]

Putting script in quotes was a nice touch.  Anyway, the story is going to be limited to a modern-day apocalypse film, a monster movie set in the Bermuda Triangle, or an alien flick set at Roswell.  So we can’t make it Mansquito Versus the Jersey Devil, Winner Fights the Yeticorn?  Awww, jeepers.

[Banner pic via TopatoCo]

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