The iPod Shuffle – T-Pain’s “I’m Sprung”

07.04.13 4 years ago 20 Comments

T-Pain Rappa Ternt Sanga cover

There’s no question that Terius Nash and Future Hall command the majority of Auto-Tune universe these days. However, one thing needs to be clear: T-Pain has songs that are on par with any of their best and “I’m Sprung” is a prime example.

The track that opened the floodgates to this Tallahassee treat’s storied career as a solo hitmaker and hook heavyweight was the knocking lead single from Pain’s Rappa Ternt Sanga debut and became a successful radio hit, which had simps worldwide singing lullabies to their ladies.

But, with a self-produced beat from the Konvict artist that’s so sweet it’ll blow your speakers and melodies written in Elmer’s glue, well…knocking this jam like it’s 2005 is justified, especially when it sounds nothing like anything that would be dropped currently by the aforementioned acts.

Truthfully, the only thing not to like about this song is that T-Plain White Tees acts like he never did the dishes before meeting his chick. What kind of mother allows that to happen?

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