Taiwan Explains Apple’s Antennagate

Entertainment Editor

Well of course Steve Jobs is battling Bill Gates with a lightsaber.

Remember the Taiwanese animation of the (fake) the search warrant for Jason Chen of Gizmodo’s home (misspelling Gizmodo), Consumer Reports’s review, Foxconn worker suicides, and the announcement last Friday that Apple would give out free cases to fix the reception problem (see the important inset picture which was not at all photoshopped).  The video accomplishes all that while also calling Apple products “iCrap”, likening AT&T contracts to a ball and chain, showing Steve Jobs battle Bill Gates with a lightsaber, then remedying one costumer’s antenna complaint by slicing off his pinky and ring fingers with aforementioned lightsaber.  This totally happened.  I seen it.

[Video via BoingBoing, inset pic via thedw]

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