Take 10 Minutes To View These 100 Vince Carter Dunks

02.28.13 4 years ago 14 Comments

Photo: UPNT

Here’s a new drinking game. Watch this video of Vince Carter’s craziest dunks with a group of people, take a shot every time someone says “Oh, sh*t!” and see who is left standing by the end of the clip.

The Vince seen nowadays is shooting jumpers, occasionally elevating above the rim and piling up points to move up the career rankings in the Lone Star State as a member of the Mavericks. Still, T-Mac’s cousin is far removed from the shell of his former self that revolutionized NBA highlight reels over a decade ago. And truth be told, the argument can be made V.C. could have and should have been much better based off what his freakish all-world talent suggested at the onset of his career.

Now isn’t the time though. Despite what anyone trying to convince me otherwise says, Vince Carter is the best dunker of all time; and hands down the best in-game dunker that I’ve ever laid eyes on. There are dunks in this clip that don’t even seem physically possible and give proof Vince truly lived up to his name at one point of “Half Man, Half Amazing.” The next 10 minutes will rest my case. Let’s try not to debate this.


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