Talib Kweli – “Eat To Live” Video

06.26.08 9 years ago 13 Comments

Words By Contraâ„¢

Sometimes I wonder why this guy is still somewhat of an underdog.

I don’t wonder and frown. Au contraire. I breathe a giant sigh of relief. I think it’s actually quite positive that he’s not mainstream.

Talib to me is what Hip-Hop should be: more powerful, more intellectual, more empowering, more selfless, more gratifying, further reaching art. That is what Hip-Hop should have transitioned into, as opposed to having devolved into its current state of severely soulless “negradation” -Uncle Ruckus.

It hurts me when certain rappers with the IQ’s of retarded goldfish on cheap pills sell so much more than this man ever will.

But then after the sting has stung, I smile. Though he’s not selling, that’s probably why he’s not selling out.

“Do you/Don’t trust the critics who doubt you/Try to write shit about you, but they can’t make a living without you/Go hungry, you gotta watch what the media feed ya/ And don’t be a poisoned animal eater either”

He practices what he preaches, children.

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