Taylor Bennett – “Hope”

04.20.14 4 years ago 3 Comments

Taylor Bennett - HOPE

Chicago emcee Taylor Bennett drops off a track off his upcoming Mainstream Music project called “Hope.”

Here’s the thing about the track, because we know exactly what you’re going to say: Taylor sounds damn near identical to his brother Chance, a.k.a. Chance The Rapper. Yes, flush it out of your system now. They do sound awfully similar. However, whereas Chance ends up in double-time flows because his rhymes take him there, Taylor seems to chase the tongue gymnastics thing from the outset, without–it appears–taking a breath.

And “Hope”‘s a playground for him, using a low-key, blooping beat to rev the engine. It’s far from perfect–the wailing at the song’s conclusion has got to go before the track’s official release–but consider us very interested in checking out Mainstream Music. On its own terms, of course.

Look out for Mainstream Music to drop May 4.

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