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05.24.12 5 years ago 12 Comments

– Tim Tebow threw consecutive interceptions during today’s Jets’ 7-on-7 drills, igniting a firestorm of Runslinger ridicule, even from such reputable outlets as Sports Illustrated. Peter King feels sick – JUST SICK! – that his magazine would debase itself with such knee-jerkery. Mouthing off at his employers. PK’s Twitter feed has lots of that.

– According to the apparel mavens at Uni Watch, RGIII will be the first player in NFL history to wear Roman numerals on his jersey nameplate. IMPORTANT! “Roman numerals? They never even tried to each us those in school.” Uni Watch goes on to speculate that RGIII chose to endorse adidas over Nike is because the Roman numeral three resembles the company logo, which sounds like an angle an adidas rep will now totally run with.

– Boss Todd apparently wants to keep Ben Roethlisberger relegated to the pocket, which is a brilliant move when you have a quarterback who does his best when he’s lumbering around like his head is cut off. “THE BEN NO WANT STAY IN PANT HOLES. THE BEN WANT BE FREE.”

– Alex Smith says stats like passing yards don’t matter, ’cause he’s a winner and Cam Newton isn’t. Meanwhile, Alex Smith leads the league in winnerology 101, which the 49ers surely noticed while not trying all that hard to re-sign him this off-season.

– A rare example of a thing you should read at Grantland that isn’t the Mad Men Power Rankings: an on-the-ground account of how the Vikings stadium bill played out.

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