Tebow Traded To Jets! For Real This Time!

03.21.12 6 years ago 161 Comments

With all the misinformation swirling on Twitter this evening from untold fake accounts, even tripping up veteran reporters, it was difficult to glean what was credible information and what was simply @BurritoBrosShits screwing with tards. Nevertheless, a decision has been made, but not until Tim Tebow made himself a ton of angry rube enemies.

If Schefter is to be believed, Tebow’s Choice resulted in him opting to play in the ultimate haven of godless northeast pussytubers instead of being worshiped as a false idol by his hometown Jacksonvillains. No way Fred Durst takes him to lunch ever again. The LeBron comparisons will be soon in coming, but at least Teebs spared us a primetime special for his decision.

As for the details the Jets neglected the first time around, New York and Denver reached a compromise where the Jets agreed to pay half of the $5 million that was holding the deal up in the first place. So, yes, this is really happening and it is already every bit the glorious disaster we could have hoped for.

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