Tebow/Goodell 2016

04.29.13 5 years ago 33 Comments

Folks I made a offhand comment during the draft that when Roger Goodell was meeting with the soldiers and expressing his gratitude as if there werent even any cameras there at all, that maybe he was positioning himself for a VP nod in 2024. After todays news of Tebows release it seems like maybe theres been a plan in action all along, and I know most if not all of you are with me on this.

All the cards all falling in to place for a Tebow/Goodell republican ticket as early as 2016.

The republican party needs a injection of excitement to match the Celebrity in Cheif. They got smoked in 2 consecutive elections and there starting to lose the younger vote. Kids these days coudnt stay away from the polls on a Tebow ticket. Tebows a winner and you know hes not going to let Al Franken or whoever outwork him and hes going to be first one in the oval office and last one out everyday.

Tebow maximizes the votes he gets. The man consistently wins games completing less then 48% of his passes i dont think starting out having 48% of country who will never vote for him is going to phase him.

He would make a great option President- he appeals to the silent Christian majority in this country a sleeping giants thats always too polite to make a stink whenever they see Christian persecution. But hes also been careful to distance himself from some of the more controversial right-wing wackos,, he said “thanks but no thanks” to that weirdo in Texas who doesnt think Gay people exist- Tebow on the other hand is a realist and by all accounts just a super guy.

Tebows also got your Joe Everyman experience,, he lost his job to a dateraping hispanic with questionable immigration status which is just a reality in todays America and you know that alot of voters have to empathize with that.

It would be a classic good cop bad cop situation and Tebow would be the perfect face of the franchise while Goodell was doing the heavy lifting keeping congress and the rest of the world in check.

To anyone whose paid attention to the game, Goodell has all the credentials and experience necessary to be on ANY ticket. Hes dealt with unruly unions- 1st the players: You remember when Ray Lewis threatened America during the players strike? He said that if Goodell didnt cave in to all his demands then crime would increase in America due to all the players just wandering around our streets in stead of being in filmstudy and position meetings all day. In what was kindve ironic Goodell let Lewis hang himself w/ his own rope and then rode the overwhelming tide of public opinion to a easy victory in negoseations.

When the referees got a case of the “me-toos” and tried a illadvised strike of there own, Goodell pretty much pantsed them and put the 1st amendment right to remain silent on the 2nd amendment nutcase Eddie Guns Hoculi. It was so funny to see ESPN standing with there mouths wide open at how uncompetent the replacement refs were even with the best training the league could provide. Goodell had won and they knew it. And it was kindve funny how when we got the real refs back you started to miss the replacement ones.

“B-B-But, what about war? He has no experience dealing with war…”

Oh really? Are you telling me that David Stern woudnt send Jason Williams (white or black) to shoot him in the chest after a night out in exchange for his market share? Thats what i thought,, far as Im concern Goodells been a wartime commissioner from day 1 and his whole tenure has basicly been one big troop surge.

Even I have to admit both Goodell and Tebow are just good looking guys. Studies have shown that when a guy looks like a President there much more likely to be elected President.

Goodell is also a turnaround specialist,, when he took over the Shield was damaged. The Inmates were starting to ruin the assylum and Pacman Jones was more like GTA3 Jones. (Remind you of any countries you know of right now?) Goodell put the hammer down and 1st thing he did was make all the players look him in the eye and call him sir- they didnt like it at first but after an while a lot of these guys dont have father figures so theyre geneticly programmed to find authority attractive like in 50 Shades of Gray. If Goodell was calling the shots in Bengazi those TERRORISTS woud of sooner blown him then blow themselves up IMO.

Americas been goofing off on scout-team for the passed 5 years and were definitely in need of A Tebow or a Goodell type ticket to grab us by our facemask and get back to a nation of contributors God Bless you and Tebow/Goodell 2016 you heard it here first.

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