Tell Us More About Boomer Esiason’s Hoes

09.25.13 4 years ago 26 Comments

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The Showtime documentary on Lawrence Taylor has stoked some controversy now that its subject has gotten a chance to see it. LT is upset that Boomer Esiason appears in the movie, given the former quarterback’s extensive history of criticizing the former Giants linebacker.

Of course, we’re less interested in the movie’s portrayal of LT than what LT had to say about Boomer.

“What the hell you got Boomer Esiason on something that — a piece you do of me? We can’t stand each other, he don’t know a fu–k about me. What the hell’s he doing on it?” Taylor told Sid Rosenberg of 640 WMEN radio.

“First of all, Boomer’s a dickhead,” Taylor added. “Hey, listen. I remember when he was there running the streets, screwing all kind of hoes. Don’t give me that holier than thou sh–t. I don’t wanna hear that sh–t. … He gets off on it. He’s still talking about me. I ain’t talking about him.”

Why not? Talk, LT, talk! This is what these documentarians should be focusing on. Lawrence Taylor being embroiled with drugs and prostitutes isn’t news to anyone. We want to know about the legendary hoe exploits of Boomer Esiason.

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