Pabst Blue Ribbons & Pistols…

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I always hoped I’d die in a dimly lit restaurant. Not that I’m morbid, but we all consider how we want to go out. And for me, that scene contained a hail of bullets raining down on me as I sat comfortably eating a meal at a restaurant that had a maître d’ who gladly accepted tips & a place that didn’t have chicken tenders on the menu.

Now, thanks to the Tennessee legislature, my dreams are closer to reality.

Every state & region has its own distinct moral compass that sometimes leads them try to make changes that will ruffle feathers. Gay marriage is a hot button topic across the nation. Places like California allow residents to legally smoke weed. In the Bible Belt, a Kentucky pastor is encouraging parishioners to bring their guns to church.

And here in Tennessee, the white folks want to take pistols into bars & restaurants.

As a gun proponent, this might be the most reckless piece of legislation I’ve heard of my short lifetime. Governor Bredesen and the police chiefs of the major Tennessee cities are all against the proposal. Nevertheless, the state Senate followed the House in overriding Bredesen’s veto of the so-called guns-in-bars bill on Thursday.

I’m all for firearms and the right to bear them. I’ve been to the mountaintop saying such. Yet, there’s an air of “this might not be the best of ideas” the lingers around this bill. I do understand that the usual demeanor of someone who is licensed to carry is different than the average person carrying a firearm. They’ve been through (at least) eight hours of training, passed the background checks and been issued a license to carry. They’re deemed fit &, again, most of them normally are. These are the people who would show reluctance to draw a firearm, instead being more likely to remove themselves from a tense situation.

Again, I’m using words like “normally,” “average,” etc. When you mix alcohol into the equation, it gets a little dicey and all those positive characteristics are countered by the uncertainty that comes with testosterone & tequila.

Not that any of this effects me. No matter if it’s the mall, restaurants or a synagogue, I’m packing a pocket monster anyways as long as I figure they aren’t searching at the door. This does put me on alarm though because now the odds may be somewhat evened with other Tennesseans. And the prospect of dying in a Logan’s Roadhouse just seems so beneath me.

Idea Of Guns In Bars Upsets Some; Other Pleased Or Confused [Knox News]

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