Terrell Suggs: Super Bowl Champion And Now Feature Film Producer and Screenwriter

02.05.13 5 years ago 13 Comments

Linebacker Terrell Suggs is having a nice little week. Sunday he earned his first Super Bowl ring, and today not only his he carrying the Lombardi Trophy through the streets of Baltimore, his first feature length film THE COALITION is being released by Magnolia Home Entertainment. Suggs produced and co-wrote the picture with director and writer Monica Mingo, one of the principles at Suggs’ Team Sizzle Worldwide production company.

Billed as being inspired by true events, the official synopsis describes an athlete and his crew being worked by a group of women for revenge.


Dating a professional athlete opens up an A-list whirlwind of VIP nightclubs, charity galas, upscale spas, and lavish gifts – but it can also lead to a world of deception, cheating and heartache. A group of women form an unlikely alliance to get revenge on a superstar baller and his friends for playing them. For these playboys used to getting whatever they want when they want it – all that’s about to change. But in this game of who’s playing who, some discover that revenge has a price all its own.

This isn’t Suggs’ first foray into filmmaking. He served as the executive producer and co-writer for the short WHEN BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE DO UGLY THINGS which debuted as part of the shorts programming at Cannes in 2011.

Suggs is a big Star Wars and Martin Scorsese fan and tells Yahoo’s Outside The Game, “That Christopher Nolan, he’s been going yard with his films.” No word on if he appreciated Nolan destroying one of least favorite locations, Heinz Field. Considering his roll with the Ravens and recent legal issues, it’s surprising he didn’t mention admiration for filmmaker David Cronenberg.

In an interview with NFL Films, the 2011 Defensive Player of the Year stated, “It’s just as hard to make a film as it is to be a football player.” Thanks, Terrell. Now we’ll all have to listen to 145-pound bespeckled Emerson grads tell us how their last shift at Intelligentsia was just as difficult as pass rushing against the Green Bay offensive line.

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